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Kingsbarn Real Estate Capital
11622 El Camino Real, Suite 100
Del Mar, CA 92130

Jeff Farnsworth
Regional VP, Bay Area North
T: 415.879.9000
C: 801.702.7887
James Yoder
Regional VP, Bay Area South
T: 408.412.9000
C: 408.910.7707
Steven Prescott
Regional VP, Central California
T: 858.240.9000
C: 619.300.6945
Louie Goros
Regional VP,
Los Angeles - South

T: 424.343.9000
C: 630.247.5881
Alex Hardick
Regional VP,
Los Angeles - North

T: 424.343.9000
C: 951.225.5358
James Rossi
Regional VP,
San Diego

T: 858.240.9000
C: 412.260.6034
Matt Ayer
Regional VP,
Orange County
T: 562.452.9000
C: 818.232.1050

Steve Han
VP, Asia-Pacific

T: 562.452.9000
C: 626.523.1682

Our Lenders Include:

Sabal Capital Partners
asset management firm focused on commercial real estate credit
Innovative financing solutions for real estate capital markets
1031 exchange, banking, financing, loans
provides a wide range of products and services to personal, commercial and large corporate and institutional customers through a number of well-known banking brands